The Future of Fashion is Digital Collaboration

Maya Eco, a sustainable global fashion brand is partnering with vestico, a tech company that shows shoppers clothing on a real person with similar body measurements, so everyone can buy the right fit.

With the rapid growth of online shopping comes the spiralling cost of free shipping and returns.  

Why do four out of ten fashion items we buy online get returned? Because they don’t fit properly. Most of us don’t look like the models we see online, so it’s difficult to make the right decisions about size and fit

Returns in fashion e-commerce can go as high as 60 percent and cost retailers over five hundred billion dollars each year, in the US alone. More importantly, e-commerce returns are having a devastating impact on our planet due to emissions, repackaging, restocking, and waste, with six billion pounds of clothes sent to the landfill in 2019. 

Vestico wants to show Maya Eco shoppers how someone with their body measurements look in what they want to buy. Imagine wanting to buy a dress and instead of seeing images of the model, shoppers see their body double rocking it. It’s like looking in the mirror before they buy.

With their collaboration, both Maya Eco and vestico hope to decrease returns devastating the industry and our planet. vestico will assist Maya Eco with their returns and carbon emissions strategy, to become a carbon negative company by 2025. 

Co-Founder and Creative Director of Maya Eco, Muneera Al Mulla reported: “Collaborating with Vestico allows us to connect further with our customers and enhance their shopping experience with us, by providing them with the opportunity to view their body double, empowering them and promoting body positivity. We want to help as many of our customers to feel confident and supported when wearing Maya, and any steps that we can take to enhance their shopping experience, the better it is". 

Maia Sasania, co-founder of vestico says “We are excited to collaborate with Maya Eco to see how we can collectively reduce returns by creating better shopping experiences and offer much-needed diversity and representation that we all crave.”

Though it’s a commonly accepted fact that all bodies are different, not much is being done on having more representation when we shop online. Maya Eco and vestico aim to change that. 

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