COVID-19 Updates

     A heart to heart letter to our community


We are currently going through uncertain times, globally. The world is going through so much change, yet we are having a shared experience as a whole. We are all witnessing an increasing gratitude to many things by everyone around us, while the earth rests and breathes we are also asked to sit back and relax. In this great energy of stillness, we hope you come out with a lot of insights and remember to breathe while it all passes soon. We encourage you to stay safe at home and we’d like to assure you that we are actively following all government guidelines and taking all the necessary safety measures whether in Kuwait or at our factories abroad. The safety of our community matters to us most, hence we are making sure everyone in our process is safe whether by providing masks or the necessary safe distance. We are still functioning at a different pace given the circumstances and with the highest level of precaution.

Our sewing team members are set up with our industrial equipment to produce garments at home. They’ll be sewing the cut garments to work on samples for our upcoming collections, some of which will be focusing on producing cloth masks for those in need. They’ll also be sorting some of our recycled fabric into packs that we’ll make available to purchase in the future. Both our and operations team our fulfillment team members will manage the mask distribution process. Our customer relations team is answering all of your emails! Handling website, social media, and distribution orders.

With this being said we’d like to thank you for supporting us during this tough time and sharing your trust with us. We are committed to making sustainable clothing accessible to our customers, so our online store continues to be available for you to order your pieces. 

Whether you’re looking for comfortable pieces to wear at home, suitable for work from home or simply feel the ease of a vacation until you can wear them on one soon. We hope that our pieces will bring you comfort, peace and a bit of brightness to your day.

Transparent steps and precautionary measures:

How are we operating during the pandemic?

At our factories in Egypt and local teams in Kuwait: 

  • We are ensuring that there are no more than ten people in the factory at all times, and that members of our team who have to be in the distribution center (Cutting, Fulfillment, and a few sewers) are all able to maintain social distancing while performing their essential job functions.
  • Our distribution center is currently up and running and taking extensive precautions to ensure the safety of its workers and community. We’re closely monitoring local and governmental guidelines continuously to make sure that our fulfillment workers are cared for. 
  • Our factories have been going above and beyond to ensure the safety of their workers and are following all government guidelines.
  • Our factories are enacting measures for optimal hygiene, such as setting up sanitizing stations at each workstation and throughout the workplace, temperature-checking, and educating employees on health and safety. 
  • We have taken steps to ensure the health and safety of our team.
  • We are ensuring safe deliveries with our pieces sealed in non-plastic bags as well as having our drivers wear masks and gloves.

Work from home:

  • Our E-Commerce and Admin staff have been working from home
  • We established strict hygiene practices, social distancing protocols, and made shifts to keep a reduced number of team members working at our distribution center and factories.
  • Our dispatch team is following strict cleaning and hygiene practices: frequent hand washes, hand sanitizers and disinfectant sprays for delivery.

All orders must be made before 5pm for same day delivery from Saturday – Thursday.  All orders placed between Thursday (after 5pm) and Friday will be delivered by the following day. Should you need to edit the address for your shipment or request a cancellation, you can do so by sending us an email.We appreciate your patience in these difficult times.                                                                                                


Stay safe, stay comfortable.

With love,
The Maya Eco team