Ethics are an essential part of our values, which is why we implement the International Fair Trade Standards when conducting business. Our factory works closely with men and women with highly-skilled pattern cutters and sewing machinists. They are provided with hands-on training, experience in our facilities, and employment opportunities to ensure stable incomes for them and their families.

We try making the world a better place by disposing wastewater safely, and reducing the amount of waste produced in our factory. This includes fabric; our textiles are hand-picked from a warehouse that sells the ends of rolls of fabrics, so nothing gets thrown out.

In an age where the fashion industry is mass-producing more waste, Maya works to reverse the process and slow down consumption. 


"Slow Fashion" means creating timeless pieces that will transcend current trends. We take the time to create each piece, ensure quality production and higher value to our products. With this approach, we build a unique bond by allowing the Earth to regenerate its natural resources before we move into a new production cycle.

Maya works with a factory that uses environmentally-friendly dyes throughout its production processes. We only use 100% organic certified Egyptian Cotton which is known to be softer, finer, and lasts longer than any other cotton in the world, ensuring the best possible quality for our valued clients.